July 28, 2010

I'm Back!

Having a nagging knee and getting surgery is pure torture for a nordic skier, so to ease the pain I chose not to reflect on it and stay away from the blogging world, but I'm back at it now and ready to share! So, first a quick recap on the past 5 months.

After returning from U23 World Championships, grass and dirt and a few patches of ice were all I found in Hanover. This was also a depressing notion for all of us and a first for me. In retrospect, it probably was for the better as I laid off the training and just raced hoping my knee would not worsen.

Finally, I headed home to meet with a third doctor about my knee. We decided surgery was the best option so I packed up the car and drove to Steamboat, CO to meet the rest of my team for NCAAs. It was beautiful spring skiing and some tricky wax conditions, but we made due and I ended up having my best races of the year. I was 2nd in the classic 5k and 5th in the mass start 15k freestyle.

Next, I decided I needed to have some fun before going under the knife so some teammates and I headed to Moab for some spring adventuring.

Cruisin' on the Slick Rock Trail

Checkin' out Arches Nat'l Park

Then surgery, yuck!

Now, I am back home trying to get back into training. My knee seems to have healed for the most part, so the focus is on strengthening my leg. I am also interning at the Winter Sports School, doing some student teaching in a World History class. It has been wonderful and I am really enjoying teaching.

I plan to get back into doing updates so check back every so often. Last year of school! and then the real, well sorta real, world so hopefully I can keep you updated on some of my decisions over the year.
Thanks for all the support!