December 31, 2010

Fun in the Neighborhood

Today I put on a little neighborhood clinic so friends around the area could take advantage of the growing number of trails in the area. It was quite frosty out, reaching only about 10 degrees. We had a fun time nonetheless.
Follow the leader
Working on some good technique
Enjoying a tasty treat of Powerbar gummies!!! Thanks for keeping us going Powerbar

December 28, 2010

I think it might be winter!

My mom and I have been enjoying the many new trails options for skiing around Park City. I think we have over 40k in town plus Soldier Hollow, Mill Creek, Mirror Lake, Mountain Dell, and Solitude. Park City is quickly becoming a nordic hot bed!!! Even though all this skiing is close by, it is very important to get food in you within 15 minutes of finishing a workout to keep your metabolism high and to make sure you start recovering as soon as you finish. I have been enjoying the Harvest PowerBars and my mom has really taken a liking to the Nut Naturals. Either way, they all do a great job of providing not only some calories, but important vitamins and minerals needed for a faster recovery.