July 15, 2012

Holy Cow, I let a month slip by without even realizing! Luckily it's because the last month has been so full of so many great things and so much hard training. We had an all-girls camp up here in AK with the best from the U.S. and Canada, and we even had a Finnish world cup superstar come join us. We spent 1 week doing dryland training and one week on the glacier. It was an incredible amount of training with some incredible women. I am so thankful to have had this opportunity and to have been in much better shape this year. I was really able to gauge my level of fitness and to work hard on altering my technique with the help of some of these girls.
Most days on the glacier looked like this or were even a little cloudier...

We did a sprint relay, but my team had some trouble in the hand offs, ooooops

We had 1 incredible day with above the clouds !!!

So we of course took 1000 photos

NAWTA (North American Women's Training Alliance

Following a canook in intervals

We skied up Hatcher's Pass one day, unfortunately that day we were in a cloud. 

Look at that blue sky!

Wouldn't be a camp in AK if a moose or two didn't disrupt intervals...

Typical girls, we ran out of oatmeal and spinach half way through the week

We got to spend a day with the APU Junior Team, very inspiring

Summer Solstice brought Michael Franti!

Painfully icing my bone spurs on my heels! 25 hrs in wet ski boots in 6 days does mean things to your feet!

Getting Air!

Giant Cookie for dessert!

Aiku, our Finnish guest enjoyed her first hamburger on the glacier!

Badass bunch of chicks

I made a birthday cake for on my teammates and was even able to find some flowers 6000 feet up on a cliff on the edge of the glacier to decorate it with

Last ski!