June 23, 2015

Time Flies When...

you train a lot (and have fun, of course!)

My summer is already flying by! After a few weeks of getting back into training in Anchorage, I flew to Park City for my first U.S. Ski Team camp of the summer. It was an unbelievably busy camp, meeting with the various extended staff helping us out, testing, training, and getting into a groove with my new teammates. I did 2 treadmill tests, one classic and one double pole only. These test only last a little over 10 minutes, but it is a max test so you go until you can't go anymore! I also did strength testing, mobility screening, hemoglobin testing, blood testing, and physicals making for an exhausting first few days. I was glad to be at home however, hanging with Mom when I got the chance! It was also very exciting to learn about all the various resources available to me through USSA and the Center of Excellence. I certainly have everything I need at my fingertips, it's my job now to use them and keep working hard.

Excited to work with Craft and work towards my goal of being injury free this year
Treadmill testing
Running adventures with Sadzarue
We had an unusually rainy camp but our new Craft gear kept us dry!
The Team
Hiking adventures with friends
Getting big in the COE
Biking adventures with Mom
More biking with Erika
We made it to the lake!
I just had a quick week back in Anchorage training before we headed up for our first glacier camp of the summer. Our first few days were filled with intense snow and hurricane force winds. Never able to see more than a few feet in front of you and your poles blowing sideways, skiing was quite the challenge, but we worked on our toughness, powered through it and the weather slowly improved throughout the week, finishing with a picture perfect day. The new snow meant the skiing was fabulous as we trailed behind the Pisten Bully, grooming fresh tracks through the snow storm. I felt like I was able to work on many important things, get in touch with skiing again, and build some good fitness.

And phew, finally, I got my first and much needed recovery week of the summer. Anchorage had a serious heat wave roll through and I took advantage camping, adventuring and spending time in my bikini, a rarity in Alaska! Now we are back at it, ramping things up again for the next block of training. I have chosen to focus on training in Anchorage this summer so I am hopping to have a more regular schedule in the coming months filled with training and some solid Alaskan adventures.

I was the benefactor of my mom's new bike purchase and got her old one to bring with me to Anchorage!!!!!

And I officially became Alaskan....

Our inspiration while fighting hurricanes on the glacier

But the sun finally came out!

Happy Sadie flying down after a good camp

Some really happy girls who just finished camp in the sun!