November 28, 2009

Race Race Race

Yesterday was the 10k skate race. It was pretty brutal. The course was very flat, but had NO rest so it was very challenging and definitely favored a certain type of skier. I have a hard time on flat courses as my technique is not as good as many of the top skiers. Overall, it was a pretty average race. I ended up 11th place. today was the 5k Classic. Classic has always been my favorite and I guess things haven't changed this year. The sun was out and the tracks were nice and hard. I skied a very solid race, but still felt like I had some more to give out there so I think the more I race the more of that top fitness I will gain. I ended up 5th place and 2nd american so that was very positive. Now we have a week of some good training before heading to Bozeman for a few more races!