October 10, 2011

No Bears Today

But we did see a Lynx!!!! Lynx are very shy and are difficult to spot so I was very excited to see one today. I thought it was just a stump but my teammate saw the pointed ears and informed me it was actually a Lynx. We gave it space and walked around, but it didn't budge, it was perfectly still waiting for some breakfast to come by. I once again did not have a camera with me so I found some pictures online to show those of you that don't know what a lynx looks like.
For those of you the knew Boulder, I think he was part lynx. Although he looks rather relaxed here, he could easily be found looking just like the lynx above. It is also rutting season for the moose as they are coming down from the mountains for the winter so they are EVERYWHERE in small groups and are a little on edge......makes for some exciting training.