November 14, 2011

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

As we pulled into the parking lot today, we had 2 people come to tell us that there was lots of bear activity still going on. Not being a fan of bears, I wasn't too excited and when I saw this: 
I just about died
This is Becca's foot, size 42, which is not small and this is one of the smaller footprints we saw. One was about the width of 3 of my feet combined. The tracks went on every trail, were going in every direction, and were most certainly fresh as it snowed last night. This is definitely a large brown bear that appears to be somewhat confused. (Thanks Becca for the pics!) 
This is a series of bear prints and the remains of its snack...
 One woman warned us that her dog was barking a lot and kept finding dead animal remains in the woods, nothing like a bunny rabbit snack. I just hope bunny tastes better than a spandex covered skier. 

Other than the silly bear, the skiing in AK is probably the best skiing in the world right now.

But, it was a chilly 6F this morning. Nothing like frozen nose hairs and burning lungs.