December 4, 2011

Big Sky Livin'

While snow is scarce everywhere, Bozeman had enough to pull off some decent races. Saturday featured 2 back to back races. 9AM marked the start of a 1.4km sprint qualifier with 2 massive hills and a sketchy, steep downhill with a 180 degree turn at the bottom. After that we got a short hour break before turning around and heading out on a 5k loop that featured doing the above obstacles twice. By my last time around, the downhill was scrapped down to pure ice with a few rocks scattered around making it so easy feat with some burning, tired legs. Needless to say both races went off without a hitch. I finished the day with a 9th place in the sprint and a 10th place in the 5k.

Overnight the course workers were able to shovel some more snow on course and put in a classic track. It was quite impressive! Originally, we were slated to do a mass start, but with the less than ideal actions of mother nature, the race was switched to an individual start.

I awoke this morning to find out that one of my best friends, housemates, and teammates, Sadie Bjornsen, had won a silver medal in the World Cup team sprint with another teammates and superstar skier, Kikkan Randall. I had to get her on skype immediately and she gave us the play by play of what she describes as "the best day she has ever had." It was absolutely inspiring and I couldn't be more happy for her.

My day was far from that and while I was psyched to be doing a classic race, it was a brutal race with 3 loops around the grueling course. I finished in 8th place, but was hoping for a little more.

Crawling my way up one of the walls
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After only racing a handful of races last year due to an injury filled summer and fall and adjusting to a new program this summer, I have had a slow start to the season and while nothing has been a total let down, I am hoping these 3 weeks of racing will spark my body into remembering what it is capable of.

Tomorrow morning we hit the road again for a long haul to Silver Star Resort, BC. This is a nordic skiers haven with streets made of groomed trails and 100s of kilometers of skiing.