January 2, 2012

"This is the Place"

While Brigham Young only said that because he was not going to make it another inch before he croaked, I fully believe in those words. Utah is incredible. Around the world, people have been complaining about lack of snow and horrible weather, Utah included. However, after spending 4 years in New England, "no snow" means NO snow. So when my mom kept telling me there was "no snow" at home, I was prepared for the worst over christmas. But, when I arrived, I realized "no snow" was all relative and there was plenty of snow to ski on, I just had to travel more than out my back door to get to it. So, in the end, I had a wonderful Utah Christmas and I don't think I saw a cloud the entire 2 weeks I was home!!!
Mom and I did a long ski up at Daniel Summit, a place neither of us had been! 

It was snowy and beautiful

The skiing in all on snowmobile trails

But we only saw a couple the whole time!

Some animal tracks, but no animals

Cloudless Utah Skies!

Good snow coverage

A few scenic vistas

Some self photography

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Mom cruising in to the finish after 3 hrs of skiing!

I love baking and I love chocolate

So I made up a very chocolatey Christmas Eve Dessert

And decorated some Christmas Cookies
I also did a Wasatch Citizen Series race while I was home. It was great to see so many familiar faces and I was able to be of use, testing and waxing for the PCNSC juniors. The loop was only 2k long making for a chaotic 10k of racing. Lots of people showed up and it went smoothly despite the chaos.

Next stop, Rumford, ME for US National Championships. They will have live timing here: http://www.uscrosscountryskichampionships2012.org/results.html
so follow along and wish me luck!

and please, do some snow dances, because no snow in New England means NO SNOW!