May 9, 2012

Start-up Camp

Well, I'm here to say I survived my first APU Start-Up Camp. Infamously known to be a very hard week full of tired and sore bodies, I was not looking forward to the week. We ended up having some decent weather for the week and we were able to get out for some crust skiing. AK is known for its epic crust in the spring time. Because it doesn't take much to get above tree line here, the crust is extremely vast and consistent allowing for some serious adventures. We did a couple interval sessions, a couple strength sessions, a couple track workouts, and the rest was filled with just lots of skiing. The idea is to spark our bodies back into gear after a month off from any organized and serious training. 

The last day of camp, a 3 hour ski at Hatcher's Pass was the best workout of the week.

There was a couple inches of fresh snow on top of the crust making it a little slow on the way up, but unbelievably fun on the way down. 

It also allowed me to track the boys as I had no idea where to go

Enjoying some sunshine in AK

Coming down valley!

Taking a break after intervals, about halfway through start-up camp 
Some good looking teammates

Loving skiing when the sun comes out

We also had classic tracks groomed for us! Sweet!

Crust skiing involves getting creative on the fastest way up steep slopes

Reunited with my teammates
The week finished with our giant fundraiser, which was all athlete organized and a little stressful to say the least, Happy to be done with that!

Sadie and I getting all prettied up for the event.

Next week, I am headed to Bend, OR for a US Ski Team Camp. Bend is a really awesome place to do some spring skiing!