June 14, 2012

Back in the Swing of Things

Post-Bend Camp, we had a nice recovery week relaxing, hanging out with friends, shopping,  and doing some hikes. Then it was back to training hard! Unfortunately our coach got stuck on the glacier due to some bad weather and then our boys went up there for a camp so the girls were soloing it down in town. Luckily, we have a pretty incredible group of ladies so we were able to get in some good training despite being coachless and a little unorganized. Here are some pics form the past couple weeks:

We auctioned off a dinner made by the Women's Team at one of our fundraiser. Here is the Women's team starting to cook with the people that graciously bought our dinner. I was in charge of dessert and was able to make a raspberry creme brulee! It was great to be challenged in something other than skiing, cooking fancy meals is not easy!
We also participated in the Alaska Run for Women. It is a huge event supporting breast cancer research. Over 7,000 women ran in the event! Becca and I took it easy and just incorporated the run into our 3 hour workout for the day.
Some of us APU ladies at the finish

Spring and early summer is all about babies around here! While it is usually terrifying running around the trails without trying to get caught between a mom and a baby, there are occasionally some pleasant run-ins. There is a momma moose with twins that have been hanging out around the house. Here is one of the twins! Baby moose are very cute and this one is actually already getting big, the real babies are so small!

Eating our grass!

Today we had an incredible drive to practice. A momma black bear with 3 little babies ran across the road in front on us. I was slow to get my phone out to take a picture so I only got the last baby, but if you click on the picture to enlarge it, you can zoom in and see just how cute this little guy is. Now it makes sense where teddy bears came from!

We are very lucky to have an all girls camp starting on Monday up here in Anchorage. We have some of the best skiers in the world coming, some have already begun to show up so the next few weeks should be full of some hard and exciting training sessions!