December 31, 2012


I arrived home to white! A wonderful early Christmas present. While there is not quite enough snow for perfect skiing everywhere, there was plenty to make due. With Nationals being held in Utah, there were a handful of people who came out early to get accustom to the high altitude so I got to chose from many different training buddies throughout the holidays! Most of us participated in the Wasatch Citizen Series  race as well. This is a local series that provided me my first race opportunities back in 8th grade. It's great to see the events so heavily attended and to be able to connect with the supportive community here in Utah. Here is an article about the race:

Patrick and Charlie arrived just in time to get festive for Christmas!

Rudy, not happy about being festive...

Our unconventional aspen tree 
Stockings ready for Santa

Charlie and I made a gingerbread house which was one of our favorite xmas activities as kids

I conned Patrick into decorating cookies with me

The dessert I made for xmas eve dinner, complete with 1.5 lbs of chocolate in the ganache/frosting, just to my liking!

Patrick and I attempting to ski off all those treats!

Happy New Year to everyone and Thank You for all the support in 2012!