January 15, 2013

Skiing with PCNSC

Yesterday I went to practice with Park City Nordic Ski Club, the club I begin skiing with many years ago. I love going to there practices as the memories of all the good times I had flood in and I get to see who the latest talents are in the area. It is great to talk to the kids and serve as a role model for them. Joining the nordic team really changed my life and I hope all these kids have the opportunity to get as much joy out of skiing as I do. They were doing a 5k Time Trial so I helped time them and work a little bit on technique with them. Afterwards, I did a little talk about being an Elite racer and all the things that come with it. One of the things I specifically addressed was the things outside of actual training that are so important: nutrition, rest, recovery. I enlightened them to the ever important 20 min window post training in which one must eat carbs and a little protein in order to start the muscles in recovery mode as quickly as possible. I shared all the different type of PowerBars I like to use for different purposes and the sports drink I like to use during activity. The kids then got to sample all the different types. The gummies were the biggest hit for sure, no surprise there, even the big kids like those!

Me with all the kiddies! Thanks Powerbar!