August 4, 2013

Glacier Girls

The second week of Girls Camp or NAWTA (north american training alliance) is done on Eagle glacier. I have blogged so many times about the glacier so I'm sure everyone gets the idea now. We ski a lot and try to learn a lot. As also said many times before, the benefit of having new girls to ski with on the glacier is to learn new technique tricks and push ourselves a little harder. It was truly amazing to have guest star, Norwegian national team member, Astrid Jacobsen on the glacier. Her classic technique is flawless and she was incredibly open telling us many stories of her team and their training which is always fun and fascinating.

This glacier was a little different...we had full time physical therapy support. Zuzana Rogers, who is a local PT with Advanced Physical Therapy (a new team sponsor) that has been working with our team donated her time to follow us on the glacier and work on us 24/7. It was AMAZING! Being injured really sucks and not being able to get help when you need it sucks even more. My injuries were not the slightest issue at this camp and that is all thanks to the work Zuzana did on me everyday. It is incredible the difference it makes to have a qualified person guide you and work on you everyday rather than once a week.

We also had media day. There were about 10 different people from different media outlets that showed up to check it all out. Here are the links of the material I have seen so far:

KTUU (NBC) News:

Anchorage Daily News:

NPR News:

Thanks to Matt Whitcomb for the high quality photos and all my other teammates and friends who are way better at taking pics than me. Here's a look at the glacier:

Winners of the annual speed realy! 

PT with a view!

The Whole Group

Go Rossignol!

Getting creative with injury care: contrast foot baths
The whole gang
Catching BIG air....
The APU ladies
Trying to stay with Astrid during some hard Level 4 Classic intervals
And trying to stay with Liz!
Glacier Clouds
Brunch, a post-interval fave
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Astrid made us Norwegian Waffles with brown cheese upon our return to town!!!