November 11, 2013


I have just 4 short days left in the U.S.! I won't be returning to AK until the end of March for our last races of the year, fortunately I will be going to Utah for Christmas. However, since returning from Utah I have been training hard, studying a lot, teaching a lot, and trying to tie up loose ends in AK while preparing to hit the road. All those little (big) things like calling your credit card company, finding car storage, cleaning out your car, and figuring out phone service seem to just sneak up on me day after day causing a full string of panic attacks, one right after the next. Here is the last few weeks in pictures to let you know what I have been up to:

We did an Anchorage Fast and Female. Here I am teaching a cutie how to double pole on the ski erg.
We had some UAA athletes come and they were great additions. The gymnast were busting out flips and the basketball players were pretty good and making baskets. Here they are doing the Macarena 
We had a fabulous team lunch at Sarah Cresap's house. She has an amazing garden so we ate lots of fresh veggies. 

It was Halloween! and we hosted a Halloween 5k fundraiser for the National Nordic Foundation.

Sadie is the frog and her boyfriend Jo is a Russian Priest and yes, he ran an entire 5k in that fur coat...

Lex ran the whole 5k with this chicken and yes it is alive!
If you are still interested in donating to the National Nordic Foundation, here is the link:
The fundraiser ends the same day I leave, Friday!
Sadie and I, frog and pig. I was actually a pig once before and I am sad to say I don't have the costume making skills my mother does, but fortunately every piece of our uniform is pink this year so that was not a problem. 

The days have been real short up here and a little on the grey side with no snow in town so I have been doing my studying in front of Sunny, our happy light. 

This is high noon! I have been teaching the 2nd grade about soils so I went on a soil sample collecting mission. It was a beautiful day, but the ground was a little frozen making it a little interesting getting some of the samples. But I am excited to say my lesson went so well!

Collecting my clay sample

There is snow at Hatcher's Pass and the local ski club has been grooming it to perfection everyday! I am very thankful for that!
It's about a 1.5 hr drive to get there so it takes up a good chunk of the day, but skiing is so fun!
Being a weirdo, loving the snow
Yesterday when we returned from skiing at Hatcher's, it was 27 degrees and raining, which I didn't even think was possible. It was dismal and the roads were horrific. It continued to rain all night and then magically, it turned to snow while I was sitting at the table doing my homework in front of Sunny. We now have close to a foot in our yard and I will get to ski in town today! Yippppppeeeee Winter is here and I'm on my way to go racing!