May 21, 2014

Back At It

Sometime around May 1st is when vacation ends and training starts again. In Alaska, it can be lots of fun to start training again because we can still ski! I had a few really great skis near Hatcher Pass before the really bad winter and the incredibly warm temperatures forced to move sooner than usual to running and rollerskiing. While skiing is lots of fun, I have to say I have enjoyed this unbelievable weather. It has only rained once and the temperatures have been in the 60s everyday with clouds being difficult to find. I have been focusing on keeping my injuries in check while being able to do all forms of training and so far so good! I have been able to run everyday, which is something I hardly got to do last season and I am feeling comfortable both on my feet and my rollerskis. Our team has grown a bit so I am enjoying having some new training buddies and showing people around. We have also had our fair share of animal encounters. I had one week where I ran into a Momma Bear and 2 cubs twice! Luckily, they were both safe encounters and I got to enjoy watching the adorable little cubs from a safe distance. And of course, I didn't have my phone with me either time to take a picture, but here are lots of other pictures from some great spring days.

Beach, Ocean, Mountains, Sunshine, could I really be in AK?

Enjoying a beach run in the far north

Love it when the sun sets at an hour I am actually awake.

Best Garage Sale find, I love waffles!

Greta at the top Reed Lake

Such fun skiing!

Endless Terrain

Endless Mountains

Greta and Ann climbing up

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