October 16, 2009

Sun Valley Alas

Thursday morning I hit the road after a positive visit with the knee doctor. He was very pleased with the progress I have been making and cleared me to do all that didn't hurt. Wednesday was the first workout I've done without pain since I fell so I am feeling more confident now that I will make it through, although I am feeling behind in my training! I am living in the guest house of Priscilla and Ward Wood. Thank You Wood Family! The house is beautiful and will suit my needs perfectly! I will be training with the Sun Valley Olympic Development Team, a group of post-high grads and post-college grads all working to reach a higher level of skiing. We start group sessions again next week after a post-Lake Placid camp break in which we were all doing different things. I visited Hanover to meet our new freshmen, catch up with friends and spend some time with my boyfriend. Although quite a few of us are taking the fall term off the team seemed to be doing well. It made me quite excited for the winter and racing! I have two weeks ahead of me of some more intense training, then my Dartmouth teammate, Sophie Caldwell is joining me. It will be great to have some company in the house. I am quickly learning the challenges of cooking for one.

My new room with a bed big enough for five!

The visitors I had a breakfast. There was a whole herd in the yard when I woke up. Unfortunately, they were very timid elk and did not like me poking around so I only got this bad picture.
It's potato harvest! I took the shortcut on my way through the potato farming land and the road was covered in trucks like this full of potatoes bringing them to the transfer station to load up the train.
This is one of the many potato farms and that is a HUGE pile of potatoes. They get piled up by the little conveyor belt and then the big dump truck comes to scoop them up.

(I apologize for the sideways pictures, I can't figure out how to rotate them...)

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