January 17, 2010

CARNIVAL season!

This weekend marked the beginning of the carnival season for the eastern colleges. There are 6 carnivals throughout the season that make up the majority of our college racing season. As the name suggests, carnivals are typically fun races with lots of familiar faces and team camaraderie. St. Lawrence hosted this weekends events in Lake Placid, NYDartmouth took things by storm, not missing a beat from last carnival season. We woke up to rain friday morning, not ever ideal conditions for classic skiing but we bulldozed right through the tough conditions. We were down 1 girl this weekend, but that didn't stop us. We went an outstanding 1,2,3,4,5 in the 5k classic. I believe this is the first time we have ever done that!!!! On Saturday, we didn't do quite as well, but still won the women's side easily with a 1,3,4,6. The nordic boys held up strong on their end as well and the alpine skiers did well enough so give us a solid win for the weekend! I was 2nd and 3rd and certainly feeling very tired after last week's adventures in Alaska. With all my ailments, I have been struggling to find that top racing condition I know is in me so every race is a fight on my end. Hopefully I will start to feel better in the coming week. I will be heading to Germany for U23 World Champs on Tuesday! 5 days of school for the month of January, yikes...

If you are interested in following the carnival circuit, eisaskiing.org, is the place to go. They post results almost instantly, have many pictures, interviews, videos and articles recounting all events.