July 24, 2011

Girls Camp

The first week of Girls Camp is coming to a close. We have completed a week of dryland and are enjoying a nice day off before we fly to the Eagle glacier for some skiing! It was awesome having a big group here. We did all our afternoon workouts together as well so the Alaskans took us to some new trails and I was able to check out some cool places in the comfort of a group large enough to scare off any bears or moose! Kikkan also surprised us with sweatshirts and named us the North American Training Alliance and created a cool logo that combined a star for the USA and a maple leaf for the Canadians. Here is a glimpse of some of our workouts:

Lots of bright colors in the groups, Thanks Rudy Project for all the support and keeping us safe!

The North American Training Alliance!

10 minute level 3 intervals, don't get in our way!

Nothing compares to following one of the best in the world for 1 hour into a strong headwind, thanks for pulling me along Kikkan.

We did a cool double pole session along the coast, it had some epic views and a gnarly headwind, on the way back....

Check back for a report on the glacier and the going ons in Park City where I will head to have some fun with my parents during my recovery week.