July 19, 2011


The U.S. Women's Team launched a video challenge this summer in which girls teams were supposed to make a 3 minute video of their summer training. The U.S. team arrived in Anchorage this past weekend to start our joint APU/U.S. Team camp and as a result we have gotten to view some of the videos. There were over 20 girls teams that entered! I am very pleasantly surprised by the number of girls training groups out there and that they were all so enthusiastic about showcasing their hard work. Anyway, take a look at our video.

So far, girls camp has been really fun. I am so psyched to have my friends and old teammates around. There has been a good deal of laughing and gossiping! As APU is showcasing Alaska, we have been going on some new trails which, as the newbie, I have really enjoyed, not to mention, the power in numbers has made me much less scared of all the deadly wildlife around. Today on our rollerski, we probably passed about 20 piles of bear scat, but no bears. Turns out, 30 girls on rollerskis wearing fluorescent clothes seems to be enough to scare all the bears away and maybe a few tourists too.