February 10, 2012


whooooops, I have completely neglected my blog over the last several weeks, but don't worry, I will tell you about all my whereabouts in sequence!

Originally, I had planned to come home post-nationals to get some training in before racing again, but with the lack of snow everywhere and the enticing lure of prize money, I switched plans and decided to just keep racing as they must have some snow if there is to be a race! So off to the twin cities it was.

I joined forces with 4 of my APU teammates and we were graciously hosted by two families who let us bunk for free. Lars, Mark, and I stayed with Rick and Jeanne Carter who were the best hosts I have ever had anywhere! It was great! Jeanne always had hot food waiting for us after the races, Rick entertained us with endless games of foosball, and they both came to all 5 of our races to cheer us on.

We were racing in the Tour de Twin Cities, which consisted of 5 races in which you earned points based on your placing in each race and in the end, the person with the most points won the tour. I had some great classic races taking 2nd in each and 1 great skate race, taking 2nd in that as well. In the sprint and the other skate race, I ended up in 4th. This put me into 3rd place overall.

It was great racing in the cities. The first 3 races were held at a park in the city with a great view of downtown which was unique and lots of fun. We were also able to get out and see a little more in the city.  We went out to dinner a couple times and went to see a Keb' Mo concert in the Guthrie Theatre, a great building.

Day 1: Classic 5k  

Downtime, nothing like a little guitar hero to get you rested

The crew at the Keb' Mo concert

The Opener, Anders Osborne. He was a great entertainer. 

Keb' Mo, still groovin' at 60

The whole band

The incredible chocolate cake Jeanne made that certainly made me ski faster!

The boys overall podium, Patrick was 2nd! despite racing the last 2 days with a nasty cold

Day 5: Boys pursuit race

Girls Overall Podium

Love the giant checks
I'm glad I chose to make the detour on my home and I am very thankful for all the people that helped us make it a cheap trip!

Next up: Boulder Mountain Tour, Sun Valley, ID  Westward Bound!!!!!