February 11, 2012


The Boulder Mountain Tour is one of the bigger races in the West with about 950 racers! I have always wanted to do the race, but have never been able to with high school and college races always conflicting. Patrick, Nils, and I were lucky enough to be able  crash my parents condo and enjoy some incredible Sun Valley weather. Sun Valley has a TON of snow and the skiing was absolutely perfect, so we had a great time!

Our weekend started with a coed team sprint in downtown Ketchum. Patrick and I paired up for the event. I started doing 2 laps of the course before tagging off to Patrick who did 2 laps and then we repeated. We won our semi final, but the final was a little tougher and we were only able to pull off 3rd place. It was a really fun to mix it up and race a different style of race.

The Boulder Mountain Tour is a 32k point to point skate race that has a net loss of elevation. This however, is very deceiving. It is one of the harder races I have done as although it is downhill, there is rarely a hill steep enough to tuck so you just trudge along using the same technique for 32k. Needless to say, gradual downhill skating is my absolute weakness so my result was far from what I was looking for. My day was nothing but a tough day on skis. At least I know what to expect for next year.

And it was so nice that I couldn't even be bothered to take some pictures so all I have is the trailhead on a gorgeous day.