October 13, 2013

Home Again

After catching some deadly disease from the 2nd graders I work with, I was more than ready to come home, both sick and homesick. Needless to say, I spent most of the past week trying to recover so life wasn't very exciting. Fortunately, I more or less recovered by the time camp started here in Park City. There are skiers from all over the nation here for this camp. It makes the logistics challenging for everyone, but we are making do and enjoying the plethora of training partners on any given day.
Awesome Ambassadors
All the girls! I think it was close to 150 in the end!

It was great to have that exhausting afternoon happen before the camp officially started. We got to be full of energy, get some inspiration for the other amazing ambassadors, and hopefully inspire a few girls to stay involved in sport. Then we got right to training.

The mass of skiers starting in SLC on our ski all the way to the top of the canyon. 

Sadie leading the train of girls (I'm third)

Switching to running shoes at the top of the canyon. I have been increasing my running and its been going well! 
 Our Physical Therapist, Zuzana Rogers, came down to help us out this week, on her own time! It is an incredible asset to our training to have her. She allows me to train more than I could ever dream of and also allows me to just live with so much less pain.
We have our magic Physical Therapist Zuzana Rogers here to help us! 

And...because she is so amazing I did my first classic ski in some time and my first time going fast on classic skis all summer this week and I'm still alive so it all went well. 

Here she is being amazing during our hill bounding workout. Thanks Zuzana!
We have seen sun, snow, rain and everything in between, but it's hard to beat those awesome sunny clear fall days!
 It was also Dartmouth Homecoming this weekend and of course I wasn't in Hanover, but it turns out that Dartmouth produces some pretty fast skiers so there are over 15 of us here training right now so we had our own little homecoming get together today!

Go Big Green!