August 31, 2015

End of Summer Recovery and Refocus

After many months of focused training and glacier camps, it's impossible to not build up some cumulative fatigue even with a few recovery days built in. As a result, I like to mix things up, change some training, take some rest, and find a change of scenery at the end of the summer as a way to regroup for a strong fall period. I headed home for a dose of summer! I was able to do some of my favorite workouts and train with the Park City Nordic Ski Club a bit.

I never feel like I have enough time for everything when I go home and it's always hard to leave, but I was lucky enough to head further east and spend some time with family at the beach. This provided me with some true recovery. It was some of the most humid weather I have experienced, making even an hour run rather unpleasant so I was "forced" to just lie on the beach a bit, swim, and catch up with my family.
Nothing beats waking up at home

Found some mountain goats

Running Timpanogos with the junior team

View from the top

Now, time for a week at the beach!

Some quality rest

and quality food! 
And more rest!
 Arriving back in Anchorage, we jumped into things quickly and did 3 practice races, providing a good way to see first, how my fitness is, second, how my recovery went, and third, what I still need to get done during the fall training period.
Girls Team

The junior team joined us for an uphill run race

After the races, I went to the Alaska State Fair for the first time! 
The veggies are impressive

How many loaves of bread would this make?

That is a 107lb cabbage with some basketball sized beets in front of it, yikes!

Vegetable art!

an amazing full size double rain to finish of the week!