August 13, 2015

The Sun Camp

We have now completed our 3rd and final glacier camp of the summer. Our summer training is broken into 4 week blocks. Two weeks are spent dryland training in Anchorage, one week training on Eagle Glacier, and the last week spent on our own with some combination of recovery, adventuring, and training. Repeat this three times and that's a summer! It sure makes the summer fly by! I am having a hard time believing it's already mid-August. The good news is that I have had what I would call a very successful summer of glacier camps with the most training to date, the best technique to date, and limited to no injuries! The bad news is that I have not been the best about taking my recovery seriously enough and came out of the last glacier camp a little pooped and with a few less pieces of skin! I guess falling gets easier when you get tired... 

We were graced with 5 of 6 days of perfect bluebird skies on the glacier, making getting out the door a whole lot easier when you are feeling tired and not quite as motivated. I also have some teammates that double as spectacular photographers so thanks Eric Packer:
Out for an afternoon classic ski

A far away shot of our glacier sprint course

Skiing back to the building. With warm temperatures there was a lot of ice starting some come through the snow as seen here.

nothing beats sportsbra skiing

Happy to have some juniors along and share some of our stories. They are also heading to Dartmouth this fall!!!

Girls Team skiing together

Happy for sunshine

Team Picture after our exceptionally hard team sprint that left me with a few raspberries after a crashing on some icy snow

Coach Erik Flora and glacier workers, Don and Andre who work around the clock to make sure we have the best camp possible.

Girls Team!

Look at those guns

Erik and the elite team
With a big chunk of summer training done, it is time for a change of pace and scenery! I am taking a break to visit Park City and Cape Cod to spend time with family and recharge for the next block of training.