November 16, 2015

Let the Season Commence

After an amazing month of training and adventuring in Utah, I flew back to AK to find a blanket of snow! We got on snow the next day and were able to ski everyday after that until my departure for Europe, now how is that for good planning! Nothing beats a month of sun and warmth straight to snow! And now for a photo stream to catch up on the last block of summer training.
Fast and Female Park City-teaching girls some ski bounding!

Turkey crossing on our way south for a little vacay

Nothing makes me happier than the desert!

We even witnessed a flash flood

Checked out some slot canyons

It was a bit wet so we had to do some swimming to get through the canyon

Hitting up the biking in Fruita to cap off a great week of fun!
Then we had 2.5 weeks of camp with the US Ski Team. I love rollerskiing up canyons in Utah! 
We got our uniforms and man did we make out well! Thanks LL Bean and Craft for getting us so well outfitted this year. 

Sadie was so excited she had to wear her long underwear home while lugging around our suitcases full of more amazing gear!

Back in Anchorage, we were busy skiing and also busy with fundraisers and special events. Here we are at a Special Olympics fundraiser.
APU held a sendoff and thank you to our donors before leaving. 
After a very hectic two weeks in AK, I finally boarded 5 different flights and made my journey across the globe to Gallivare, Sweden where we are adjusting to the time change, training, and getting ready for the World Cup Season to begin. We will be racing in some warm up races this weekend to be sure we are ready for the Start of the World Cup over Thanksgiving weekend in Finland. 
At this point, I do not know exactly which races I will be racing in or exactly how the season will unfold but this schedule will at least give an idea of what country we are in. I have much more time on my hands now that I am in Europe so I hope to be more consistent with updates. Follow my athlete page on facebook for more current updates