November 2, 2015

Tis the Season of Giving

Happy November!

With just two weeks left in the U.S. before I embark on a 5 month World Cup tour, life seems to get a little busy with everything from packing and cleaning to hours on 1-800 numbers straightening out insurance, credit cards, and cell phones. 

It's easy to get caught up in the excitement of this journey with 9 different countries and 40+ races, but planning ahead is always required. As an unfunded B Team athlete, I am responsible for 100% of my travel and racing expenses for the next 5 months. The World Cup costs $140/ day for room and board in addition to airfare, other transportation expenses, and travel incidentals adding up to $30,000 for the season. 

This is a hefty amount to raise on my own so I am reliant on different organizations to help me get there. The National Nordic Foundation is one such group. They work to fund the development of cross country skiing within the U.S. They fund projects like World Junior/ U23 Championships, OPA cup racing, and the unfunded B Team athletes. I have been on many trips they have supported including World Junior/U 23 Championships, OPA Cup, and most recently World Championships. The NNF helped me to cover all my expenses for the World Championships, allowing me to grow as an athlete, achieve my goals, and be in the position I am today-about to embark on my first full World Cup tour. 

I believe by asking for small donations to the NNF from friends, family, and supporters, I will in turn receive a much greater amount from the NNF in the end as they are in the midst of a big nationwide fundraising project. Their fundraiser, the Drive for 25, emphasizes the number of donors, not the amount donated. Please consider a small donation by clicking the link to my fundraising page:  

The fundraiser ends the night of November 12th, which also marks my last night in the U.S. Please follow me during my season through my website If you would rather donate directly to me and not the NNF, please do so through my webpage or contact me directly. 

Thanks for the continued support and here's to a winter full of snow!

Who wouldn't want to support this good looking and speedy bunch?