August 25, 2012

...and MORE skiing

After a quick change of plans Patrick decided to head to AK with me and join APU for our last Glacier camp of the summer. He was very fortunate, after never seeing the sun once while on the glacier last summer, we only had 1.5 raining days this time around. 
Nothing like a clear view off the glacier! (Courtesy of Patrick)

Some nice sunset color. With the sun setting around 9:30 now, we actually get to catch some of the brilliant sunsets! (Courtesy of Patrick) 
The dirt on the glacier started to come through as we finally reached the year-round glacier snow after  all the "winter" snow melted off (Courtesy of Patrick)

The "drink" pond where we get all our water was still very full! Lucky for us, we got to take real showers! (Courtesy of Patrick)

This summer I was injury free! So I got to hike off the glacier. To begin the hike, we run across the glacier and due to the dangers of crevasses, we must rope together so if one were to fall in they wouldn't fall far before the weight of us on the other ends would stop them. 

Exiting the glacier

It's always a good feeling to get below the clouds and suddenly be able to see so many vibrant greens after living in a world of gray on the glacier

The end of the hike requires some serious stream crossings, followed by some extreme bushwhacking testing the fatigue bodies one more time.