August 5, 2012

Recovery, Weddings, and more Skiing

After the amazing time I had at NAWTA camp, I flew home for my first big recovery week of the summer. It was great to be home during the 4th of July because I got to see lots of old friends. I love coming home and running all my favorite trails and going on mountain bike rides with my mom. We were able to ride some newly cut single track trails at PCMR despite getting caught in some torrential down pour. 
There were and still are some serious wildfires in Utah. One evening a fire started just on the other side of the mountains and the smoke just started pouring over the mountains right behind my house. Luckily, nothing serious came of it. 
Visiting with great family friends at the 4th of July Parade!
On my way back North, we traveled through Portland to see a friend get married. We timed things just right, as just before we arrived, my cousin and his wife who are living in Portland popped this little guy out. Baby Calvin! 
The wedding was spectacular and very beautiful. Some of the closest friends from high school all showed up so I got to catch up with lots of pals!
We have had periodic bouts of beautiful weather in Anchorage. This is on  a nice recovery bike ride along the coast looking at the city.

All the best juniors skiers in AK had a camp just outside of Anchorage so we joined them for a time trial at Hatcher's Pass. It was one of the most beautiful days I have ever experienced in Alaska and it was even hot out, a rare occurrence up north. I had a great day racing and was really excited to see all that the juniors are up to these days. I sadly have no pictures of the day, I just got too busy enjoying the weather!
We headed back to the glacier for our second camp at the end of July. Unfortunately,  the weather on our entrance day was bad and a nice little cloud layer was stuck over the glacier so we spent most of the day waiting around in Girdwood for the weather to clear. These flowers were outside the Bake Shop where we spent the day hanging out. Despite the beautiful colors in this photo, the weather was actually really grey and cloudy. 
At the Heli pad, this air crane was busy fueling up for work they were doing at Alyeska. It was really neat to talk to the pilots that literally have no home and just fly this thing from place to place doing everything from replacing lift towers at the ski resort to fighting wild fires in the west. 
The cloud never left so we were only able to fly about 3/4 of the way up the mountain. We then had to walk about 30 min straight uphill to the edge of the glacier then the snowmobile picked us up and brought us to the trail where the Pisten Bully was waiting. It was quite the adventure. 

However, once we got up there, the weather cleared for most of the week and we had spectacular weather. We were lucky enough to have some professional photographers come up to take some team and individual photos. I have only got to see a few so far, but here are some good ones! This is the whole team.

The Girls team looking pretty in pink as always!
Charlie Renfro also made a little video while taking photos, here is the link:

Sadie and Lauren and I enjoying a beautiful evening on the glacier!


Getting our full dose of Vitamin D
I was able to ski the most I have ever skied in my life during this glacier camp and am feeling really good about the progress I have been making while living up on the rock. Now, it is time for a little vacation! Off to the cape!