August 25, 2012


After descending from the Eagle Glacier, I jumped on plane east bound! Patrick picked me up and we headed to the Cape for some quality R&R and family time. It was shockingly hot and the sun set disturbingly early, but I enjoyed every minute of it and would have stayed forever if it wasn't so difficult to train for skiing on the beach. 

Getting some boat time

One of my most favoritve views in the world!

Thanks Dad for the lobster feast! Pure Gluttony

Patrick and I had to get back to training so we headed north to Craftsbury where I joined his team for a week of training. It was even hotter up north without the breeze off the ocean. There were some days where I was worried I had fully turned into an Alaskan and was unable to deal with the heat, but I survived! I happened to be there during the J2 National Camp so there were about 50 of the best 14-15 years olds in the country running around all over the place. I was able to join them for an interval workout and give them some tips on double poling. Craftsbury was an excellent place for them to run around as there isn't much trouble to get into up there! They were an impressive bunch however!
To earn my dinner, I did some work for the Craftsbury Outdoor Center. One evening, Pat and I were the Pizza Runners, moving the many pizzas from the kitchen to the wood fire oven and back to the kitchen. Here Pat stokes the fire. (Courtesy of GRP) 
I also did some vegetable picking.  As you all know, I am not much of veggie eater, but I found out the cure: move to AK. The produce here is generally dismal and I couldn't wait to go to New England to get some fresh veggies. This is a variety of cucumber. The cucumbers were out of control and the only way to keep up with them is to pickle them for the winter time! (Courtesy of GRP Blog)

Some good looking squash! (Courtesy of GRP Blog)

Pat has been doing some work on the mountain bike trails with his teammates. They have been getting creative! With an odd shaped tree that had fallen, they split it and turned it into this bridge they named "the wave" Nils shows us how its done. (Courtesy of GRP Blog)