June 23, 2013

Another week down

This week was highlighted by record high temps followed by the end of summer, a big fundraiser, and going on some bike adventures, trying to make the most of my foot injury.

The week started out with some serious heat, I could have been easily convinced I was back at Dartmouth. However, as soon as the solstice hit, which is technically the start of summer, actually marked the return to normal AK summer (or lack thereof). But it hasn't rained yet so I can't really complain.

On one hot evening we decided to take a dip in the river to cool off. Lots of others had the same idea.  This however, was my reminder that I was still in AK and not in New England...
Cooling off!

Freezing now as I emerge from the lake

We had a nice visit from Mr. Bear, who knew it was Wednesday, trash day! bad bear!

Sadie, enthralled by the bear and not running for once in her life

I have been getting back into road biking lately. Biking is not great for my back, but it is for my newly injured feet so I have to pick my battles. Road biking in Anchorage is really an experience. For one, there aren't many roads in AK so all our riding is in the city. Two, there are lots of hidden secrets in the city if you go far enough. Three, the animals are still lurking in the depths of the city. Four, there is lots of construction and dirt roads so really its more like cyclocross, than road riding.
Caught by construction, we hit the soccer field to get back to the planned route.

A day adventuring 
 APU hosted a big fundraiser for the whole school, that was "cirque" themed complete with acrobats. It is a huge fundraiser and the ski team gets a little money out of it by auctioning off a dinner made by the Men's team and a dinner made by the Women's team.
Crazy Decor

Dressed up for the event

Momma and baby chilling in the yard. 

Another adventure ride, we found this scenic spot that reminded me of some rides I did around Hanover. 
Today we hit the glacier for our first camp of the summer. I am excited to be back skiing and to hopefully get my injuries back in a good place for another month of dryland training.