June 30, 2013

Glacier: take 1

I survived my first glacier camp of the summer! Just as I thought summer was over, we got a second go around and were lucky enough to have almost perfect weather on the glacier. Lots and lots of sun, soft snow, and sore muscles. I don't think I have been this tan since I left Utah 6 years ago! I do not have the photographic talents that my teammates do so I have shamelessly stolen these pictures from teammates Holly Brooks and Reese Hanneman.

I was worried about my injuries and certainly had my ups and downs during the week, but in the end, I think it was a very worthwhile camp as I was able to really focus on the movements I was making and work one on and one with our coach to improve those movements. I didn't ski quite as much as I am accustom to or would have liked to, but that's life when you're injured.

Getting "buzzed" by a teammate's friend on a spectacular evening

Awesome panorama of the facility and drink supply pond

I found some pure zinc chapstick when I was home this spring and had to bring it up to the glacier where sunburnt lips are hard to combat. Sun safety!


More Skiing

Our Men's team has had lots of changes with people retiring and newbies joining. This is the 2013-14 Men's Team and Coach Erik Flora on the far left!

Due to the high number of injuries on our Women's team, only 4 of us were able to make it up to the glacier and this is proof that we didn't totally score, we did get 2 foggy days. 

Waiting for the helicopter to come pick us up. 

This is our staff. They work super hard making sure the facility stays in good operation and that we get the most out of our training camp. We had a competition in which these techs had to wax our skis for intervals using our supplies. Don Haering, far right, was my tech and we won the competition so the trail is now called Haering's Humps. 
I also like to do some backing up on the glacier, it keeps everyone happy!