June 16, 2013

Injuries and Sunshine

I have to say I am actually in disbelief. It has been warm and sunny in Anchorage for over two weeks now and there is a severe weather warning for heat (it's AK so the 80's deserved a warning) this week. I have never experienced such good weather here. I have worn shorts outside of training, used the AC in my car, and even got a little sunburnt and sought out shade in the past 2 weeks! The only way I am still reminded I am in Alaska not the east is that the mosquitoes are out of hand. You cannot leave the house without a thorough coating of deet.

It's been awesome and had kept me so busy bouncing from one activity to the other, I have hardly had a moment to relax which is really the way summer should be!
Wednesday we biked up to a lake and went for a canoe. We have awesome boy teammates who paddled Sadie and I around due to our bad backs!
Enjoying the Alaska Beach! I have now worn a bikini and eaten ice cream outside in AK!
When it stays light all night, its hard to ever stop playing. We enjoyed some nighttime B-Ball at the park by our house. I still remembered a few things from my middle school basketball days.
On the Weekends, I work at the downtown market selling bike jerseys. Wax tech Mike and Sadie came to visit me and we strolled through the market on a balmy day.

There have also been some floods as a result of the heat. This river went over the road on a big downhill that we could not see the bottom of. It ended in 3 crashes with some scrapes and bruises and fortunately a lot of laughter, not tears.

We also went to the rodeo! I have to say I was a little disappointed having drown up in the West and seeing some professional rodeos, but it was sunny, warm, and fun anyhow.
 The sunshine is my saving grace these days, as I have encountered a new injury...I am now suffering plantar fasciitis on my foot. This is a common injury for runners and I have somehow acquired it despite not running that much. So needless to say, between my back and foot, I spend about 1 hour everyday doing physical therapy. I am working hard to stay positive, keep up on my body care, and train where I can in hopes this will be a short lived set back. We have one more week of dryland training in town before heading up for out first Glacier Camp of the summer.

Happy Father's Day to my most proud and supportive Father!