September 15, 2013

18 Days of Rain

It rained 18 days in a row here, tying the record for the most number of days in a row. 18 days also happens to be the number of days I have been here since returning to Utah...What do you do when it rains all the time?

1. Make sure you have a team and team training sessions. Misery loves company

                                    My teammates cruising up the mountains. (Courtesy of Rob Whitney)                                     

2. Go into the mountains. The mountains are still awesome even when its rainy. 

Looking down on the shiny sea
3. Bake a lot. Nothing is better than yummy baked goods after a wet and cold training session
Don't mind my dorky pose, but check out that cake!

4. Act fast and be spontaneous for those rare afternoons it's not raining
Even mountain bike up the pass.

Sadzarue and I at the top. I made it with only 4 functional gears too!
5. Catch up on your favorite TV shows...while training. 
Sometimes it's just too miserable to go outside AGAIN. 
6. Stop and take pictures of what we rollerski through, it will make you feel tougher come winter time.

My boots have been wet for weeks and they smell so bad. I am counting the days til I get new ones so I can incinerate them. 

7. Watch a bulldozer destroy your front lawn (or lack their of) and feel better because you aren't the only one who has to be in the rain. 

There were some electrical issues on campus so they had to do immediate construction. I now have 2 closed roads just to get out of the school. 

8. Find your inner chef
We auctioned off a dinner made by the APU Women in the spring and fullfilled our commitment this week. We spent the week finding menus, trying out recipes, and gathering local ingredients. 


We did some tandem biking along the beach.

Looking smooth
Enjoying the beach

Trying to ride in front...

Watching the barge leave and a plane arrive, just as the skies let loose. 
We got fully drenched on the way home, but had a blast anyhow.
10. When the sun does finally return, enjoy every second of it you can. 
Watching the fog give way to the sun on our 4+ hour bike adventure around all of Anchorage, in the SUN!
Thanks Sadie for 90% of my pictures and keeping me company in the rain!