September 5, 2013


When I first arrived at APU it seemed like a piece of cake, all I have to do is train and rest and watch all the TV shows I missed out on the last 4 years of my life. While training, especially with APU, was in all reality not that easy, my days were far less full than most of my days at Dartmouth. I had to find activities to keep me busy and not let my brain rot.

Alas, I chose more school. However, this time around, it's not quite a big of a commitment, I only take class during fall semester, I only have two of them, and they only meet once a week. The challenge lies in the fact that I have not taken a class since last fall and each fall I become more removed from my Dartmouth days and life as a "real" student. I haven't had to sit still for three hours and actually listen, I haven't had to write anything in the least bit academic, and I haven't had to read anything academic either. In fact, I probably haven't even had that many academic discussions aside from my father and brother talking politics and making fun of my ignorance.

Regardless of the amount of work, school comes around and I panic and feel stressed. How can I possibly study, read, write, get all my training in, and maintain all my body care (and write my totally awesome blog)? I wonder how I ever did all this at Dartmouth and still had time for fun (or least I only remember the fun parts). I long for the productivity I had at Dartmouth. I always managed to get most of my homework done, train, and maintain my 10PM sharp bedtime. As I work through the stress and find that schedule in which I can get it all done, I realize how incredibly awesome my life is. I mean, really, if that is the only stress in my life, I have it pretty good. I'm lucky.

I think I found my productivity today. I went to Physical Therapy, went for an unbelievably muddy bike ride full of moose encounters, did my strength workout, finished my homework, went to class, baked cookies, finished all my homework for the next class, did my laundry, found time to write this blog (albeit a few days late from my promised Sunday blogday), and will be in bed by 10PM sharp. Life as a student is really fabulous and getting my brain ticking again is great. I am very thankful to be able to be a student and skier and live this o so stressful life.

On a totally separate note, it has rained A LOT in Alaska. I still am amazed that it is possible for the sky to drop that much water continuously and will forever believe the West is Best. I am not a huge fan of rain. It's really another reason I am thankful to have school. Motivation is hard when it rains all the time and you haven't seen the sun since you left Park City, but having school to think about at least keeps me from holing up in my room for days on end watching sappy shows on my computer.
This picture doesn't really do it justice. I am really muddy, so muddy I had to hose myself off as well as the bike. And it's still pouring...

Hope everyone's fall is less wet than mine! Happy Fall!