July 12, 2014

4th of July Recovery Week

Post-glacier we always get a chance to recuperate from camp. This is great because we get to go on adventures outside of Anchorage while enjoying some relaxing days. We also lucked out because summer decided to come for the week as well. We headed south to Seward with the rest of the state to watch Mt. Marathon, the crazy race in which people climb a mountain and fall down it at the same time. On our way down, we ran Lost Lake, a trail that I have been wanting to run for some time now, but due to my plethora of injuries have never been able to. It took us about 3 hours which is the longest run I have gone on in 2 years! I was very happy to say the least. Then we camped on the beach and it was even warm enough to take a dip in the ocean! Lastly, we hiked the mountain to offer support for our crazy teammates that decided to race. I also made it to the top for the first time, again something I have never done thanks for the many injuries I have procured. It was a great week of adventures and a great way to spend some time not thinking about training before we head into the next camp.

Beach Camping

Post Swim

How many boys does it take to build a fire? 

Sadie halfway up Mt. Marathon

Teammate Holly Leading on the way down. She managed to hold her lead by a mere 2 seconds!

Teammate Ann crushing the downhill

Teammate Lauren on her descent

The crowd at the bottom as Eric Strabel, APU coach, makes it to the bottom of the cliffs. He smoked the field! And yes the races come down those cliffs that are quite large. If you look closely, you can see Eric just above the head of the man in the blue BP shirt to get some perspective. This race is insane. 
Mt. Marathon is nuts as I'm sure I've blogged about every 4th since arriving in Alaska so if you are curious or can't remember, look back at other posts from around the 4th or just google it. It's very much in line with everything in Alaska, a little bigger and a lot crazier.
Seward beach, a favorite place of mine

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Me on a more casual descent of the mountain

Lost Lake trail

Meeting our shuttle drivers who hiked backwards to meet us at the end!

A little evening skinny dip in the ocean

We celebrated Becca and Eric Packer's birthdays over the course of the week. Good thing I love baking!
I also had a surprise when I returned to Anchorage. My friend Corey was in town visiting! Corey and I spent many summers adventuring together as kids and this was the first time I had seen him since we graduated high school! 
The U.S. Ski team women arrived at the end of our break for our annual camp. The next two weeks will be filled with even more training than usual and a whole lot of chicks. Check back for that report!