July 5, 2014

Back to Winter

Glacier Camp 1 has come and gone! It turned out to not be a great week of weather in the Anchorage area and I was actually thankful to be 6000 ft up where the less than ideal weather came in the form of snow. It felt like winter with wet, heavy snow falling most days and nights, making for some amazing skiing even if we couldn't see more than a few feet in front of us for the majority of the kilometers covered. I am really pleased with my training. My injuries all behaved, I was able to ski quite a bit, and had some big technical breakthroughs, not to mention lots of k's with my teammates!

In the meantime, Mr. Bear has been causing havoc on our street.

Clouds moving in

Here they come

I could see out my window when I arrived and then it snowed everyday...

We sleep in bunk rooms and there are no shades on the windows so I am a big fan of making a princess palace by enclosing my bunk with blankets to make it dark and cozy. 

My palace where I sleep 1-2 hours during the day and another 8-10 at night, a must when we ski 4-5 hours a day. 

The last day we were graced with beautiful bluebird skies for a sold 3 hour ski. 

We have a slightly modified course this year that features more technical terrain, which is a real weakness of mine. Thanks Erik for all the grooming and making me work on my weaknesses!

The groomer!

Heli coming in for landing. We were unable to hike out because it snowed so much, the avalanche and rock slide danger were quite significant. 

The snow came up to the building so we could literally ski out the door. 

Flying back down into the green. 

When I got back, my plants had really drown big from all the rain followed by sun!

Girls psyched on finishing our team sprint race

Cruising in the fog. Thanks Rossignol, T2, Toko, Rudy Project, and PowerBar for keeping me fueled, fast, and stylish. 

Can't see a thing, but always a smiling when we are skiing!

A little strength session

Sadie and I fueling up for a big ski

All the awesome APU girls

Upon landing back in town, the sun was burning strong and it was nearly Becca's birthday so we hit the beach for a
little celebrating! Great way to end a great camp!

In other exciting news, Erik Flora, my coach and the head coach of APU won coach of the year for the entire USOC, meaning all sports in the U.S.  This is quite the honor and I am super psyched to have had the past years to work with him. He literally works day and night and he is very deserving of this award! read about it here: http://usskiteam.com/news/us-olympic-committee-announces-2013-coaches-year