July 27, 2014

Girl Time

The 2 week camp we have in which all the U.S. Ski Team ladies, plus a few other fast chicks come to AK are 2 weeks I look forward to every summer. Not only do we get to train super hard, do some epic workouts, and ski, I get a chance to catch up with ski friends from around the country. We spent the first week training around Anchorage and the second week we went to the glacier for a week of skiing. Thanks teammates and coaches for taking awesome pictures.
Our last day we persevered through some cold rain for a 3+ hour ski. Talk about tough babes!

Gathering at the junction
Every year, we have had an international guest join us for camp. This year we were lucky enough to have Norwegian National Team member Celine Brun-lie to join us. Celine is a great skier and awesome person. I glad to have had the opportunity to learn from her and make an international friend! She also made us tasty Norwegian treats!

Brown Cheese, berries, waffles, best breakfast ever!

Eagle glacier, looking good as always. 

Group glacier pic

The clouds closed in on the facility just as we were making our way up from Girdwood. The helicopter then had to land on the middle of the glacier and leave us there. We were abandoned on the snow for 45 minutes before Erik would come rescue us on the Pisten Bully, but no fears, we danced our hearts out to stay warm. 
Zuzana Rogers, our PT (wearing the fast and female hat above) joined us on the glacier. I have never seen someone who takes their vacation to work. I am ever grateful for her help and the support from Advanced Physical Therapy of Alaska!
Sadie and I keeping each other warm waiting for Erik
Rain Train on Eagle

We had lots of days of crazy clouds

Our dryland was highlighted by some excruciatingly hard bounding intervals
Bounding really hard

and some skating

We also had a fun race/interval workout on the glacier. Here we are charing the big hill on the sprint loop. 

Awesome Girls!

Always having fun!

We rollerskied to the top of Hatcher's Pass.

There were a bunch of cracks opening up on the glacier so the crew installed a fixed line and we would rope up to ski from the building down to where the ski trails were. It worked great and we all stayed safe!

More crazy clouds!

We had an ingredient exchange to spice up the food on the glacier, making for some tasty meals!

One of the cracks opening up. eeeek

After camp, a few of us headed to Holly's cabin in Hope where we enjoyed a relaxing day in the sun!

Holly's amazing cabin!

The road from the top of Hatchers Pass

The bear made a stop by as well. Unfortunately, this bear become too humanized and had to be euthanized. Don't let bears eat trash!

I have been known for hating salads pretty much my whole life. Sadie really took care of me and made this salad for me the last night.

But don't worry, since I have started my own vegetable garden, I have become more fond of real salads. Here is the first salad I ate from my garden!

The gourmet dinner my cook crew made on the glacier

On a recovery hike in Hope!

Fireweed Season!

Awesome Views. Thanks Holly for hosting. 
Till next year Eagle
Special Thanks for Erik Flora, Don Hearing, Mike Matteson, and Andre Lovett for working so hard to make the glacier possible. I had a great 2 weeks this season skiing and made some huge gains! Girls Camp was great. I am happy, fitter, and tired!